Lemurs are incredibly fascinating primates. Lemurs live solely on the island of Madagascar. There are over 100 different species of Lemurs in the world today. Lemurs are one of the smallest primates. In fact, the largest species of Lemur known as the Indri Lemur, only stands up to 35 inches tall. 

Unlike many types of primates, groups of Lemurs are run by females. The female Lemurs are the most dominant in the group and often show aggression towards the males. This type of behavior is uncommon amongst most primates. 

The appearance of Lemurs can vary depending on the species. The Blue-Eyed Black Lemur, also known as the Sclater’s Lemur, is the only primate (besides humans) with blue eyes. Lemurs are also one of the most endangered species of primate owing to deforestation. In fact, in the last 20 years the Lemur has lost up to 80% of its natural home. 

A Lemurs diet also varies depending on the species of Lemur. For instance, smaller Lemurs tend to feed on insects and fruit while the larger species of Lemur feed on bark and tree sap, leaves, flowers, fruit and nectar. 

The gestation period for Lemurs can be anywhere from 100 -170 days and mothers can birth up to 6 babies at a time. The smaller species of Lemur have a higher likelihood of having multiple babies. The age of maturity ranges from 1 year to 3.5 years depending on the species. 

Conservation efforts are incredibly vital to the survival of Lemurs. World Wildlife Fund, the San Diego Zoo and the Lemur Conservation Foundation are just a few of the organizations dedicated to saving this remarkable species. You too can get involved in primate conservation by donating to one of the many reputable conservation organizations, spreading awareness by sharing this article, and symbolically adopting the primate of your choice. With your help we can save primates everywhere. 

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